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Comparative Test Color Lasers up to 700 Euros: Quality: Graphics print

von Florian Heiseübersetzt von Ulrich Junker

Quality of print: Fine lines

This test shows a printer´s capability to print fine converging lines.

HP´s color laser CP2025n is best here. The converging lines are distinctly visible right to the center. And moiré is light. Kyocera´s printer puts too much toner on the paper, lines become more and more indistinguishable the closer they come to the center.

Quality of print: Grey areas

Color lasers have two ways to generate gray: They print with black only. Black pixels and white gaps give the impression of grey. Usually the result is a visible raster. The second way is the use of all colors and black. Most of the time this results in a color cast, but the raster is finer.

The magnification shows, whether the printers use the first or the second method. Brother´s and Oki´s printers do it by mixing all colors and black, resulting in a heavy color cast.

Quality of print: Small characters

If you want to print wiring diagrams or blueprints your printer should be able to display very small characters.

The word "Druckerchannel" displayed below has a print size of 2 point, which is about 0.5 millimeters in height. It is five millimeters long and almost unreadable with the naked eye.

All printers in this test adequately perform this test.

Quality of print: Color channel registration

If you see white streaks between adjacent colors, the color channel registration is faulty. A channel registration is carried out automatically when switching on the printers.

All printers pass this test without fault.

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1Middle class color laser professionals
2Druckerchannel Bottom Line
3Quick Overview
4Paper specifications
5Dirt collector Samsung
6Samsung´s Sauna
8Physical dimensions
9The drivers
10Embedded webservers
11Environmental awards: Blauer Engel and Energy Star
12Vendor warranty
13Ergonomics: Use of the menu
14Ergonomics: Noise emission
15Ergonomics: Toner handling
17Lots of dust inside the Samsung
18Cost of print: Text
19Cost of print: Color
20Cost of print: Find out yourself
21Energy costs: Current consumption
22Quality of print in toner save mode
23Quality: Text print
24Quality: Graphics print
25Quality: Photo print
26Yellow Dots: The secret code
27Speed of print

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Multifunktionsdrucker (Laser/LED)

ab 573,30 €1 Canon Maxify GX7050

Multifunktionsdrucker (Pigmenttinte)

ab 437,00 €1 Canon Maxify GX6050

Multifunktionsdrucker (Pigmenttinte)

ab 199,89 €1 Brother MFC-J4340DW

Multifunktionsdrucker (Pigmenttinte)

ab 451,56 €1 Epson Ecotank ET-4850

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