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Comparative Test: Color Lasers up to 700 Euros: Speed of print

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Several test are used by DC to determine speed of print. All documents we use can be dowloaded "here", if you use them for private purposes only.

Print speeds
Power-on until ready1:31 min.0:20 min.0:40 min.1:18 min.0:36 min.
Speed color print (acc. to manufacturer)20 ppm20 ppm21 ppm16 ppm20 ppm
Speed color print (testet by DC)20 ppm20 ppm21 ppm16 ppm20 ppm
First page out0:14 min.0:18 min.0:11 min.0:13 min.0:22 min.
A4 photo0:23 min.0:24 min.0:24 min.2:30 min.0:37 min.
Vector graphic0:17 min.0:23 min.0:17 min.0:32 min.0:17 min.
100 page PDF:
Simplex print
6:32 min.6:05 min.4:58 min.6:56 min.7:07 min.
250 page PDF:
Duplex print
19:02 min.15:02 min.16:00 min.17:19 min.25:30 min.
© Druckerchannel (DC)

Time until ready

DC measures the time it takes the printer from "off" to "ready". This period is important for users, who print infrequently, and switch their printer on only when it is necessary.

Business printers usually stay on permanently.

All findings are in seconds, smaller values are better.

Switch on until ready (smaller values better)
HP Color Laserjet CLP2025n
20 sec.
Samsung CLP-610ND
36 sec.
Kyocera FS-C5100DN
40 sec.
Oki C3600n
78 sec.
Brother HL-4040CN
91 sec.
© Druckerchannel (DC)

Maximum print speed

DC conducts it´s own tests of print speed and compares the results with the manufacturers information.

All printers in this test achieve the speed the manufacturers declared.

Print speed color (higher values better)
Kyocera FS-C5100DN
21 ppm
Brother HL-4040CN
20 ppm
HP Color Laserjet CLP2025n
20 ppm
Samsung CLP-610ND
20 ppm
Oki C3600n
16 ppm
© Druckerchannel (DC)

First page out

DC takes the time the printer needs to print a page of simple text (ISO 10561, Dr. Grauert).

First page out (smaller values better)
Kyocera FS-C5100DN
11 sec.
Oki C3600n
13 sec.
Brother HL-4040CN
14 sec.
HP Color Laserjet CLP2025n
18 sec.
Samsung CLP-610ND
22 sec.
© Druckerchannel (DC)

Print speed photo print

DC takes the time the printer needs to print a complex A4-photo. The printer is switched on and has working temperature. Quality is set as high as the driver allows. This speed is important, if you print complex booklets or flyers.

A4 photo (smaller values better)
Brother HL-4040CN
23 sec.
HP Color Laserjet CLP2025n
24 sec.
Kyocera FS-C5100DN
24 sec.
Samsung CLP-610ND
37 sec.
Oki C3600n
150 sec.
© Druckerchannel (DC)

Print speed vector graphic

DC takes the time the printer needs to print a complex vector graphic. The printer is switched on and has working temperature. Quality is set as high as the driver allows. This speed is important, if you print complex booklets or flyers.

Vector graphic (smaller values better)
Brother HL-4040CN
17 sec.
Kyocera FS-C5100DN
17 sec.
Samsung CLP-610ND
17 sec.
HP Color Laserjet CLP2025n
23 sec.
Oki C3600n
32 sec.
© Druckerchannel (DC)

Print speed simplex print

To find out how the printers cope with large files, DC prints a 100 page PDF file in simplex mode.

Simplex print: 100 page PDF-file (smaller values better)
Kyocera FS-C5100DN
298 sec.
HP Color Laserjet CLP2025n
365 sec.
Brother HL-4040CN
392 sec.
Oki C3600n
416 sec.
Samsung CLP-610ND
427 sec.
© Druckerchannel (DC)

Print speed duplex print

This test demonstrates, how fast the printers deal with a document, printing on both sides of the sheet. Only Kyocera and Samsung offer automatic duplex printing, all other require the sheets to be turned by hand.

Duplex print: 250 page PDF file(smaller values better)
HP Color Laserjet CLP2025n
902 sec.
Kyocera FS-C5100DN
960 sec.
Oki C3600n
1039 sec.
Brother HL-4040CN
1142 sec.
Samsung CLP-610ND
1530 sec.
© Druckerchannel (DC)
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