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Paperworld 2008: All the News: Exciting News from Paperworld 2008

DC attends the Paperworld fair every year, to look at what´s new in the office equipment department. In hall 4 manufacturers of printers and compatibles presented their technological innovations.

DC had a chance to look at the first issue of a cloned Canon-Chip (CLI-8 and PGI-5). Rumors where afloat that a Chinese manufacturer, Ninestar, had produced them. Just after publishing this article we found out, that Ninestar isn´t producing but buying this chip.

Amy Lu, Ninestar´s Senior Account Manager, when on this fair, probably forgot to mention this. "You will see the first Canon-compatibles in Germany named "i-Color"", Amy Lu said. They are supposed to be distributed by Pearl. Other rumors said Pelikan is coming up with its own chip, as DC reported.

Peach shows first cracked chip

At Peach´s booth we could see some working clones of Canon´s chip. They´re not coming from Ninestar but from an American source, said Alfred Wirch, CEO with Peach.

CEO Alfred Wirch plans to come out with them in May. Prices weren´t mentioned, but DC assumes the rebuilt CLI-8- and PGI-5-cartridges will not be much cheaper than Canon´s originals.

Pelikan and chip rumors

Some months ago DC found out from Pelikan, that they have a compatible chip in developement. Until lately we didn´t hear anything new on that story, but Paperworld-rumors have it, that Pelikan will shortly show up with it´s own chip. Pelikan didn´t attend the Paperworld fair.

Armor / Artech plan for the future

At Armor we asked about the Armor-Adapter, which went through a DC-Test some time ago. We asked Dr. Ulf Reinhardt, Chief Research and Developement with Artech, about the future of the Armor-Adapter (Tuning-Kit). Adapter 2.0 was the answer.

The current adapter has significant disadvantages: If you put the adapter into your printer, you cannot use original cartridges anymore, which are not quite empty. The new adapter has a workaround to avoid that. Artech wouldn´t tell us, how that works. But they told us it would be considerably cheaper than the predecessor.

Jettec (DCI) with new products

Robert Kain (right side), Chief Manager Sales with Jettec (DCI), showed us an Epson-Stylus-D120-Cartridge, which works with the Stylus D78 (and compatible printers) and the new Stylus D120 as well. Another novelty are refilled HP-cartridges (Nr. 336 and Nr. 337). The latter is offered by Jettec with 50 percent additional ink (Extralife, 24 instead of 11 milliliters). According to Kain the Jettec-cartridge Nr. 336 also contains more ink (10 instead of 5 milliliters), but not all of this additional ink can be used for printing, since the cartridge´s sponge will retain some ink.

Kyocera´s successors to FS-1030D and FS-920

Kyocera showed three new monochrome lasers, Kyocera FS-1100 (without automatic duplexer), FS-1300D with automatic duplexer and FS-1300DN with additional networkcard.

Printspeed is up to 28 pages per minute, and paper with up to 220 g/m² can be printed on. There are two additional papertrays for the FS-1300-series. For the FS-1100 there is one more tray for 250 sheets in store, which ups the total capacity to 500 sheets.

Additioal features like a new concept for the control panel (picture left side) and a viewing window for the toner-cartridge (picture right side) are supposed to offer more comfort to the customer.

The new toner-cartridges are TK-140 (4.000 pages) and TK-130 (7.200 pages).

Suggested retail prices for the printers are 240 Euros (FS-1100), 320 Euros (FS-1300D), and 490 Euros (FS-1300DN).

Hewlett-Packard finds additional partners for Colorlok

As DC wrote last year a new paper technology called Colorlok, introduced by HP, was a major issue on this year´s fair.

In addition to HP and Mondi Epson and Kodak will support this technology in 2008.

Special ingredients permeate into the paper, to increase the ink´s drying speed and to prevent it from penetrating to deep.

"Bonding Agents", used with HP-Edgeline-printers or with Canon´s new PGI-9 Clear in it´s Pixma MX7600 are supposed to become dispensable. A further advantage: Colorlok-papers are barely more expensive than standard copy-papers.

HP strategy: Professional ink-printers into the office

Talking to Ralf Groh (Director Marketing Supplies) DC discussed printing solutions for small offices.

HP is convinced that ink-printing technologies are unjustifiably not taken serious, especially for big printing jobs, and that is why laser printers are preferred.

HP wants to prove ink technology has it´s place in the office and comes out with an Officejet-Pro-printer series. The interaction of Colorlok-papers, high capacity ink-cartridges, and wide print-heads add up to a large number of prints, fast print speed, and excellent text print.

High class ink-based printers often work more economic than low price color-lasers, and are cheaper to buy. In addition ink-printers consume less energy and have less running costs.

Dutch Refill-professional KVM with new brand

KVM, Dutch refiller, tries to put its name on the German map with a new brand, Wecare4. Frank van Meenen, CEO of Wecare4, is looking for distribution partners in Germany. What we saw were boxes for ink cartridges, with Jettec pictures on it (DCI). According to Frank van Meeren there will be Armor products in the boxes in the future. And the Armor-Adapter is sold as well as a Wecare4 brand.

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