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Comparative Test Eleven multifunction printers: ...and the winners are...

von Florian Heiseübersetzt von Ulrich Junker

The AIO´s have been classified in three groups: Upper, middle, and basic. Each group has one or more winners.

Winners upper class: Canon Pixma MP640 and Epson Stylus Office BX610FW

DC´s rigorous tests reveal: The AIO´s Pixma MP640 (Canon) and Office BX610FW (Epson) reside on the same high level of performance.

If you decide for one of the winners, you should not do that at random. There are definite differences in performance, layout, and quality. The table below reveals this.

A major advantage of Epson´s winner is the low cost of print due to high capacity ink cartridges. Canon´s AIO prints for a moderate price, but Epson´s good price level is beyond it´s reach.

Epson´s AIO can score with printing speed as well, on a pretty high noise level, however. Canon´s printer works considerably more quiet, even when printing fast. Check that in our video on page 9. We apologize, but all videos in this test are in German only.

The layout of both opponents is quite different. Canon´s Pixma MP640 can print on CDs/DVDs and has a duplexer for automatic both-sided printing. Both features are not available with Epson´s Stylus Office BX610FW. Instead of that it sports a fax and an automatic document feeder (ADF).

Main differences
Pixma MP640
Stylus Office BX610FW
Printing speedaveragefast
Cost of printaveragelow
Quality of print (graphic/foto)very goodfor low standards only
Smear resistancenoyes
Duplex printyesno
Handlingvery easycomplicated
Sound level
while printing
very quietvery loud
Paper capacity300 sheets in two trays120 sheets in one tray
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Winner middle class: Canon Pixma MP560

If you want to spend a little less for an AIO, you should choose one of the middle class. Canon´s Pixma MP560 reaches the highest score there. Cost of text print is fairly high (about five Cents a sheet), but cost of color print is reasonable in comparison to the rest of the competitors. Printing speed is rather slow, but quality of print is first-class. Handling via operation panel with a scroll-wheel and display is very smooth.


  • easy handling
  • very good quality of print
  • duplexer
  • fair cost of color print
  • prints paper up to 300 g/m²
  • two paper trays
  • wireless LAN
  • low noise level


  • no automatic document feed (ADF)
  • high cost of text print
  • no CD/DVD-print
  • no RJ45-interface (Wlan only)
  • no smear resistant prints

Winner low budget: Lexmark S305

For about 100 Euros you can buy a low budget AIO. Here you must be aware that low prices and fancy equipment or low cost of print do not match. Winner in this group is Lexmark´s S305. For years no Lexmark printer made it to a podium position in our tests. With their new-generation ink-AIO´s, Lexmark is in again. The S305 has no preview screen for pictures on a memory card. And you might miss a duplexer and an ADF.

But for approximately 100 Euros you get a brisk machine with good quality of print and easy handling. Cost of print is fairly high, but in the low budget area you will hardly find a better AIO. Except for Kodak´s ESP3, which is not in this test but can be found here.


  • very easy handling
  • good quality of print
  • high print speed
  • wireless LAN


  • patronizing with "return program ink cartridges "
  • no automatic document feeder (ADF)
  • pretty high cost of print
  • no CD/DVD-print
  • no RJ45-interface (Wlan only)
  • no smear resistant prints
  • no duplexer
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11Photo print: Quality
12Graphic print: Quality
13Marker- and smeartest: Quality
14Bleeding: Quality
15Text print: Quality
16Photos, graphics, and text: Print speed
17Scanners: Drivers, speed, quality, depth of field
18Copies: Quality and speed (text and photos)
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