Comparative test: Canon Pixma iP100 vs. HP Officejet H470


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If you want to print out contracts and other documents at your customer´s residence, a mobile printer is a must. The two on the market are made by Canon and HP. Our lab takes a closer look at them.

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Hot tips for mobile printing

  • Tip 1: Watch out: If you print a lot without cable, that is via WLAN or Bluetooth, power consumption is higher than when printing via USB.

  • Tip 2: If one of the two ink cartridges (color or B/W) runs empty while printing, HP´s Officejet H470 continues the job with the other cartridge. Canon´s Pixma iP100 can´t do that, it just stops printing. The color cartridge creates black text using the three colors. Cost of print rises with this method, but you can finish the print job.

  • Tip 3: If you often use your printer in a car or a truck, a charging cable is a must. Canon and HP sell them for dear money. An attractive alternative is a simple DC-AC converter, which will cost you 15 Euros up. Look here as well: Kfz-Spannungswandler. (For the time being this article is available in German only).

  • Tip 4: Both mobiles work with lithium-ion batteries. They have no problem with "memory effects", but they will serve you longer, if you keep them well. Recharge the battery only if it´s definitively empty. Recharge the battery completely. Do not overheat the battery. This can happen if you leave it in your car in summer, and has negative effects on durability.

  • Tip 5: If you need a mobile printer, but are reluctant to spend a lot of money, you can convert a simple and cheap ink printer into a mobile printer, with just a little tinkering. How to do that is shown in this workshop: Workshop: Canon-Pixma-Drucker mobil machen.

(For the time being this article is available in German only).

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