Workshop: Replace waste ink tanks of Epson C & D-models


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Are you printing a lot with your Epson Stylus C66, C64, D68, C84, C86, or D88? All of a sudden your machine stops working. An expensive service intervention seems inevitable. In this workshop we show you how to "reanimate" the printer yourself.

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Step 1 & 2 for Epson Stylus D68

This page shows the procedures to open the Epson Stylus D68.

For all other printer models: Continue on page 9.

The housing of the Epson Stylus D68 essentially consists of only two parts: a lower portion on which the printing unit is mounted, and a top section. In order to get hold of the waste ink tank, you first have to remove the top of the housing.

First unscrew two screws on the back of the printer, and then press the two clips into the center of the printer, to release the upper housing on it´s rear.

Then, the housing must be clipped out on the front side. Gently press the upper part inwards where upper and lower part meet.

The next steps are the same again for all models.

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