Workshop: Replace waste ink tanks of Epson C & D-models


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Are you printing a lot with your Epson Stylus C66, C64, D68, C84, C86, or D88? All of a sudden your machine stops working. An expensive service intervention seems inevitable. In this workshop we show you how to "reanimate" the printer yourself.

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What´s a waste ink collector good for?

As a rule, owners of an ink printer have no idea, what an ink collector is good for. So we explain this in short.

Ink-printers made by Epson or Canon have a waste ink collector in the printer´s bottom. It consists of one or several big sponges, which cover almost all of the printer´s bottom surface.

Manufactures give these sponges many different names, like waste ink tank, waste ink container, or waste ink collector, and you would rather expect a receptacle than a sponge. We either use waste ink absorber or waste ink collector, and a better name for "sponge" is ink absorber.

Whenever the printer starts a cleaning cycle, whether automatically or initiated by the user, ink will be sucked through the print head´s nozzles. The ink used in this process runs via the cleaning system´s hose right into the ink absorber at the printer's bottom.

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