Workshop: Replace waste ink tanks of Epson C & D-models


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Are you printing a lot with your Epson Stylus C66, C64, D68, C84, C86, or D88? All of a sudden your machine stops working. An expensive service intervention seems inevitable. In this workshop we show you how to "reanimate" the printer yourself.

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Diaper change: Epson Stylus models

All ink printers need to clean their print heads from time to time, or they offer the user to see that it´s done.

Do you know where an Epson printer puts the ink it uses to clean the heads? By and by lots of ink is going down the drain, and finally floats down to the printer´s bottom.

Editor Frank Frommer will show you, how to change the waste ink collector for Epson models and how to reset their respective counters.

Our instruction works with these models:

Printer construction is similar in other current printers, example Epson Stylus Photo R200. And even with older printers the approach is similar, even if printer construction is different. More on that on the following pages.

If you are concerned now about your printer, read this first: "Lifetime of a waste ink collector" on page 4. As long as the printer doesn´t refuse to work you don´t have to worry about the waste ink collector.

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