Comparative test: Canon Pixma iP100 vs. HP Officejet H470


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If you want to print out contracts and other documents at your customer´s residence, a mobile printer is a must. The two on the market are made by Canon and HP. Our lab takes a closer look at them.

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Mobility test

Our lab wanted to find out, how both mobiles prove themselves "on the road". We asked Heiner Schäble, insurance specialist for Allianz, for his opinion after using both mobiles.

Mobility test for Canon Pixma iP100 and HP Officejet H470
I like the looks of both mobiles. They are handy, and their light weight makes them easy to carry in addition to a notebook. Both can easily be stored in a notebook case. Canon´s mobile has an advantage here, because it is flatter than HP´s mobile. But it has a larger depth, due to the accumulator on its back.

I didn´t like the black shiny surface of HP´s Officejet H470, which is dust- and scratch-sensitive.

Both mobiles are well suited for printing en route. A fully charged accumulator has a surprisingly long stamina. I was thrilled by the fact of the cable-free printing. Just switch on notebook and printer, and off you go.

I usually print texts with a B/W-laser. But quality of text-print with both mobiles is just as good as printing with a laser, and in addition they can print in color. But when looking at speed of print, a laser printer is faster, in particular when printing voluminous documents.
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