Comparative test: Canon Pixma iP100 vs. HP Officejet H470


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If you want to print out contracts and other documents at your customer´s residence, a mobile printer is a must. The two on the market are made by Canon and HP. Our lab takes a closer look at them.

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What´s in the box

Both printers come in different versions and with options to add features.

Canon Pixma iP100

Canon´s mobile Pixma iP100 has two versions:

  • Canon Pixma iP100 and
  • Canon Pixma iP100 with rechargeable battery

    The first comes without, the second with a rechargeable battery, and costs about 50 Euros more than the former. If you decide to by a battery later, it will cost you an expensive 150 Euros. A rechargeable battery is much less expensive with the HP.

    For wireless printing the Canon features a built-in infrared interface. That´s an outdated and fault-prone technology, since you need a line of sight connection. And the distance between transmitter and receiver is supposed to be less than one meter. Using WLAN is not possible. There is an optional Bluetooth adapter for approx. 90 Euros - pretty expensive.

    Scope of supply Canon mobile printers
    Canon Pixma iP100Canon Pixma iP100 with rechargeable battery
    Price (MSRP, approx.)250 Euros300 Euros
    Ink cartridgesColor: CLI-36
    Black: PGI-35
    Mains adapteryes
    Cigarette lighter car adapteroptional, approx. 90 Euros (PU-200)
    Rechargeable batteryoptional, approx. 150 Euros
    yes (LK-62)
    WLAN-Adapter 802.11no
    Bluetooth-Adapteroptional, approx. 90 Euros (BU-30)
    cover / travel caseno
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    HP Officejet H470

    HP´s H470 comes in three versions. The most expensive one (approx. 350 Euros) has almost all you need, but a WLAN adapter is an option only, and will cost you approx. 50 Euros. [punktliste HP Officejet H470

  • HP Officejet H470b
  • HP Officejet H470wbt

On delivery the HP mobile comes with ink cartridges with low fill quantity. You can buy cartridges with high capacity. If you want to compare ink cartridges and cost of print, read here: Ink cartridges and Cost of print.

Scope of supply HP mobile printers
HP Officejet
HP Officejet
HP Officejet
Price (MSRP, approx.)250 Euros300 Euros350 Euros
Ink cartridgesColor: Nr. 343 (low capacity), optional: Nr. 344 (approx. 35 €)
Black: Nr. 337 (low capacity), optional: Nr. 338 (approx. 22 €)
Mains adapteryesyesyes
Cigarette lighter car adapteroptional, approx. 70 Euros (C8257A)
Rechargeable batteryoptional, approx. 55 Euros (C8263A)yes (C8263A)
WLAN-Adapter 802.11optional, approx. 50 Euros (Q6274A)
Bluetooth-Adapteroptional, approx. 60 Euros (Q6273A)yes (Q6273A)
Cover / travel caseoptional cover, approx. 30 Euro (Q6281A), optional travel case for notebook/printer, approx. 90 Euros (Q6282A)cover
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