Comparative test: Canon Pixma iP100 vs. HP Officejet H470


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If you want to print out contracts and other documents at your customer´s residence, a mobile printer is a must. The two on the market are made by Canon and HP. Our lab takes a closer look at them.

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Print speed: Photo-, graphics- and text-print

Both mobiles print texts and text with graphic elements fairly fast.

The documents we use for these tests (except for ISO-documents) can be found and downloaded here.

Print speed: Text

Both mobiles, Canon Pixma iP100 and HP Officejet H470, are tested with several different text documents and varying driver settings.

  • ISO 10561, Dr. Grauert: A simple one-page B/W text without graphics. This we use to test the time for FPO (first page out) and maximum speed in copy-mode.
  • Ten-page business-document: Ten pages with text, a company logo, a table, and a pie chart. This is printed in three qualities: Draft, normal, and high quality.

Time for FPO (first page out)

The most frequent print job is a one page document. So it´s important to know the time the mobiles need for this task. The lab performs this test without a change in the printer drivers.

Copy mode

In copy mode (print one page x-fold) the lab prints the ISO 10561 document ("Dr. Grauert") 11 times. After print of the first page timing begins, until the last page is out. The drivers are set to "Draft", "Fast mode", "Ink or toner save", whatever applies.

The speed in copy mode informs you, how fast the mobile can print in a best-case-scenario.

Print speed first page and copy mode
First pageCopy mode
Canon Pixma iP100
13 Sek.
10,5 ppm
HP Officejet H470
16 Sek.
13,3 ppm
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Business test document

This ten-page test document contains text, a company logo, tables, and pie charts. We print it in three modes: Draft, normal, and high quality.

Speed 10 business-text pages (higher values better)
Canon Pixma iP100
8,8 ppm
5,7 ppm
1,3 ppm
HP Officejet H470
11,1 ppm
4,9 ppm
0,9 ppm
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Print speed: Photos and graphics

Two photos of different sizes and one graphic are used to test print speed.

Both photos are printed in best quality mode on photo paper. The grahic is printed on high grade inkjet paper.

  • The photo on the right side, 10 x 15 cm, borderless print,
  • one A4 photo with border (left, below) and
  • one A4 graphic (right, below)

All can be downloaded here: DC Testfiles.

Speed photo and graphic print (smaller values better)
DC A4 photoDC 10x15 photoDC A4 graphic
HP Officejet H470
3:03 min.
1:29 min.
3:28 min.
Canon Pixma iP100
3:33 min.
1:39 min.
3:27 min.
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