Workshop: How to replace waste ink sponges of Canon S- & i-models


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Older Canon models, like S750, S600, S6300, S500, S300, S900, S630, i560, i550, i865, i965, and i9950, also have waste ink sponges. This workshop will show you, how to replace them.

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Important: Loss of warranty and your own liability


An exchange of a waste ink sponge is usually accomplished by Canon´s service. It´s not an ordinary user-operation. It´s your personal responsibility, whatever might go wrong, it'll be on your head! And you lose Canon´s warranty.

We strongly advise you not to reset the waste ink collector´s counter without changing the sponges. Sooner or later the sponges might not be able to hold the waste ink, and it will pour out of the printer. What a mess!

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