Workshop: How to replace waste ink sponges of Canon S- & i-models


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Older Canon models, like S750, S600, S6300, S500, S300, S900, S630, i560, i550, i865, i965, and i9950, also have waste ink sponges. This workshop will show you, how to replace them.

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Step 5: Reset the counter

To reset the counter or to find out about it´s reading you have to use the service mode.

Turn off the printer, push the resume button and keep on pushing. Press the power button and keep on pushing. Now let go off the resume button, but not the power button. Push the resume button twice, then let go off all buttons. You are now in service mode.

Push the resume button once, after that the power button once. The first information page appears. Push resume twice, then power once: You get the second page.

To leave the service mode, give the power button one push.

Watch out: The second information page is a new feature with the S-series (except for S400, S450, S4500). Printers with semipermanet print heads (BJC-series and S-models mentioned above) have no second information page. If you press "Resume" twice here all counters are reset.

Content of the information pages may vary from printer to printer. Often you find a print check pattern and other information.

Our advice: Print the second page before and after reset of the waste ink counter. Only then can you be sure that the reset was a success.

To reset the waste ink counter right now, push resume four times and after that power once.

Attention: Four times "Resume" for the reset works with the S-series (except S400, S450, S4500). Printers with semipermanent print heads (BJC-series and the mentioned above printers) reset with three times "Resume".

Important: Before starting with normal printing again, switch off the printer. That gets you out of service mode.

Then switch on the printer again and print as you like.

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