Comparison of Technologies: Ink versus Laser


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HP advertises it´s HP Officejet Pro 8000 with particulary favorable printing costs and it´s fitness for office work. DC scrutinizes that in it´s lab, and compares, whether or not HP´s inkprinter can cope with Brother´s monolaser printer.

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Brothers laser sports fancy LEDs and a nice blue button - not very functional, however. The blue button is resposible for a lot of functions, no way to use it without a manual. It can abort one or all print jobs, repeat the last job, specify the number of copies...

HP´s ink printer has three useful buttons: The Network button is resposible for printing a status page, for example to find out the printer´s IP adress. The LED above it burns when the connection to a network is established. The X button stops and deletes the current print job. A paper feed button is on the right side.

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