Comparative Test: HP Officejet Pro 8500 vs.Samsung CLX-3175FW


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This test compares two all-in-one devices which use different printing technologies: HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless AIO (with ink cartridges), costing round about 400 Euros, and Samsung CLX-3175FW (with toner cartridges) for about 500 Euros.

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Quality Of Print: Text

On the following page we show an enlargement of the letter "a" from our test document dc_business_10seiten.doc. The letter is 11-point-size and is enlarged 30 times.

Both AIOs print text in very good quality. The enlargement shows some satellite dots (HP) or toner spray (Samsung). In normal reading distance the characters look deep black, with sharp edges, and are well readable.

In draft mode only HPs AIO shows a more economic use of ink, Samsungs allrounder prints drafts without visible reduction of toner.

In high quality Samsungs AIO prints text pin sharp and deep black. HPs AIO prints text with frayed edges, but that´s almost not visible to the naked eye.

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