Comparative Test: HP Officejet Pro 8500 vs.Samsung CLX-3175FW


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This test compares two all-in-one devices which use different printing technologies: HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless AIO (with ink cartridges), costing round about 400 Euros, and Samsung CLX-3175FW (with toner cartridges) for about 500 Euros.

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Quality Of Printing: Graphics

To test quality of photo printing we use two documents: dc_grafiktest and dc_bleedtest.tif. Enlarged clippings of the test documents (aureola, grey area, small fonts, and bleeding test) can be seen in the pictures below.

Rumors have it that color lasers generally print graphics in high quality. That´s wrong, as you can see on first glance looking at the aureolas below. Samsungs CLX-3175FW has considerable problems printing fine lines, and moiré upsets the overall impression. The column of figures below the aureola is almost unreadable. HPs Officejet Pro 8500 prints lines and figures correctly.

HPs Officejet Pro 8500 prints grey areas with a distinct color cast, since grey is composed of color dots. Samsungs CLX-3175FW prints grey areas with black toner dots, the area has no tint, but rasteriziation is clearly visible.

If you need small fonts for wiring diagrams or construction plans, your printer should be able to print them legibly. What you see below is the word "Druckerchannel" in 2-point-font, characters are half a millimeter in height. HPs AIO prints the letters readable, Samsungs print is blurry and illegible to the naked eye.

If you print colors right next to each other, bleeding can occur with ink printers. Same thing happened, when you used your fountain pen on blotting paper. The magnification shows no bleeding on the HPs print, due to the use of pigmented ink. Samsungs AIO prints fairly imprecise, between colors you can see the color of the paper.

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