Comparative Test nine Low Cost Colorlasers


You pay a maximum of 500 Euros (and for one as little as 170). Prices are falling. Why buy an ink printer, when a color laser costs just a wee bit more? DC compares nine color laser printer in the price segment between 250 and 500 Euros.

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Quality of Text-printing

To test quality of text-print our lab uses two standardized documents: The "Dr.-Grauert-letter", a simple text to test print-speed when copying and to find out, whether or not the manufacturer is exaggerating when specifying print speed. A slightly different version of this letter can be found in our download-area.

In the second test we print a 10-page document, mainly text, but also containing a company logo, a small table, and a diagram. This document is printed in three modes, if the driver allowes that:

  • fast print (lowest resolution / b/w-print)
  • normal print (no change in the driver) and in
  • best print (highest resolution on plain paper)

The pictures below show the letter a in "normal print". Printing quality cannot be enhanced by using the highest resolution, and the lowest resolution still is excellent with seven printers.

Samsung and Xerox print misty letters in all modes, a text looks blurry to the naked eye (pictures at the bottom).

That´s not state-of-the-art, as the other printers prove.

If you want to know more about the yellow dots (well noticeable in the printout of Lexmark´s C500n, third row of pictures), read this article.

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