Comparative Test nine Low Cost Colorlasers


You pay a maximum of 500 Euros (and for one as little as 170). Prices are falling. Why buy an ink printer, when a color laser costs just a wee bit more? DC compares nine color laser printer in the price segment between 250 and 500 Euros.

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Speed of Color printing

To test the quality of a photoprint the lab uses a TIF-type photo. It is 2.362 x 3.307 pixels and 11.627 kByte in size.

You can download a compressed JPG-version of this file in our download-area to check out your own equipment. You may also write and publish a review.

DC compares speed of printing for one page (see picture on the right) in best quality.

Speed of color printing (Smaller values better)
Oki C3300n
25 sec.
Lexmark C500n
32 sec.
HP Color Laserjet 1600
33 sec.
Canon i-Sensys LBP5000
35 sec.
HP Color Laserjet 2700
39 sec.
Dell 1320c
39 sec.
Lexmark C530dn
43 Sek.
Samsung CLP-300
68 sec.
Xerox Phaser 6110
71 sec.
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That´s peculiar

Lexmark´s C500n cannot keep up the printing speed of about 32 seconds for one color-page in A4 format. The printer spends a lot of time not printing, displaying "warming up", and meaning cooling down. The frequency of these time-outs increases the longer you print.

The printer shows a similar performance printing text.

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