Comparative Test nine Low Cost Colorlasers


You pay a maximum of 500 Euros (and for one as little as 170). Prices are falling. Why buy an ink printer, when a color laser costs just a wee bit more? DC compares nine color laser printer in the price segment between 250 and 500 Euros.

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Colorful companions

In this test:

Four of the nine contestants have already been tested by DC:

The newcomers are:

We evaluate their potentials concerning printing speed, quality, and cost. Look at the pages ahead!

Decision guide

Due to the magnitude of choices it is not easy to select the optimal printer. DC assists you to select the right device.

  • Decision guide Cost of printing on page 7
  • Decision guide Color printing starting page 8
  • Decision guide Text printing starting page 14


Unchallenged winner is the HP Color Laserjet 2700. Low cost of print, high print speed, and quality-built processing make this product the number one in this test. It sports the print-engine the HP Color Laserjet 3000 has, which got good marks in another DC-test. More on that on page 16.

If you are looking for a good looking printer, you will be in good hands with the Dell 1320c. You can upgrade it easily and at low cost and have a network printer. And cost of print is bearable for a color laser printer in this price segment.

If you need a fast printer, the Lexmark C530dn is to be considered. It connects to a network and comes with an automatic duplexer. It is the most expensive in this test.

Looking for the lowest price, you find the Samsung CLP-300 for 170 Euros. You trade this in for slow color and poor text printing.

Prints with 120 cm length necessitate the Oki C3300N.

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