Comparative Test of 8 MFCs with Fax


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If you work in a home-office or a small working-group, looking for professional assistance, you should take a closer look at this test. DRUCKERCHANNEL tells you all about eight MFCs on ink-basis, which can print, scan copy, and fax and which cost less than 380 Euros.

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Quality and Speed of Photo-print

To test the quality of a photoprint the lab uses a TIF-type photo. It is 2.362 x 3.307 pixels and 11.627 kByte in size.

You can download a compressed JPG-version of this file in our download-area to check out your own equipment. You may also write and publish a review.

Photoprint parrot

To give you a chance to investigate print quality yourself (colors, contrast, sharpness, half-toning) DC shows a scan of the blue/yellow parrot. Click on the pictures to compare qualities.

Color of skin

To assess the degree of accuracy and the rendering of skin tones the lab shows you a clipping of the Fuji-photo and the small eye in the center of the DC-photo.

Printspeed A4-photo
Printspeed A4-photoBorderless printDroplet sizeNumber of colorsPhotoprint quality
Brother MFC-845CW10:18 min.yes*11.5 picoliter4o
Brother MFC-5860CN10:20 min.yes*11.5 picoliter4o
Canon Pixma MP8301:54 min.yes1 picoliter5++
Epson Stylus DX7000F7:15 min.yes3 picoliter4++
HP Officejet J57806:47 min.yesk.A.4++
HP Officejet Pro L75803:30 min.yes6 picoliter4++
Kodak Easyshare 53002:02 min.yes2.7 picoliter4+
Lexmark X93004:43 min.yes4 picoliter4o
© Druckerchannel (DC)
Printspeed A4-photo (smaller values better)
Canon Pixma MP830
114 sec.
Kodak Easyshare 5300
122 sec.
HP Officejet Pro L7580
210 sec.
Lexmark X9350
283 sec.
HP Officejet J5780
407 sec.
Epson Stylus DX7000F
435 sec.
Brother MFC-845CW
618 sec.
Brother MFC-5860CN
620 sec.
© Druckerchannel (DC)

Due to grubby rimless print white edges (1 to 2 millimeters in size) can develope

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