Canon Pixma iP4300 and Pixma iP3300


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Ink cartridges

Epson has been using cartridges with chips for years. Canon started that with the iP3300´s and iP4300´s predecessors.

The new Pixmas have this feature as well. A chip stores each tank´s ink contents. A LED on the cartridge shows you when exchanging a cartridge, whether or not it is inserted correctly and if it is sufficiently filled.

There are no replica of these cartridges with chip by other manufacturers so far. You can refill the cartridges, however. You have to follow the driver´s instructions, how to deactivate the level indicator. Otherwise you will not be able to continue printing. The ink level will be displayed again, when you insert a cartridge with a new chip.

The iP4300 has got five tanks: Cyan, magenta, yellow, and two black cartridges. One contains pigmented ink, the other dye-ink.

Further informations

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Know-How: Dye- und Pigmenttinten

The pigmented ink of the bigger tank is used for print on plain paper. When printing on photo paper or CDs and DVDs dye-ink is used.

Here the iP4300 has clear advantages: The iP3300 works with pigmented ink only, and that shows distinctly when printing photos. Look at page 7 to learn more.

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