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You are printing a lot with your Canon? All of a sudden you get a message: "Waste ink tank full", and your machine stops working. There´s no hint whatsoever in your manual, what to do about this. What next? Call customer service and pay as much as you payed for your printer do get the damned thing changed?

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Panic - "Waste ink tank full"

Read what comes next. With a little deftness you can change the waste ink collector yourself.

Ink-printers have to clean their print-heads from time to time, or they offer the user to see that it´s done.

Do you know where the printer puts the ink it uses to clean the heads? By and by lots of ink is going down the drain, and finally floats down to the printers bottom.

Editor Frank Frommer will show you now, how to change the waste ink collector for Canon PIXMA iP-printers and how to reset their respective counters.

We use a Canon Pixma iP4000 to show the procedure, but our instruction works with other models as well:

It works ever with older models, but you will find differences in printer-construction. Since there is a slight difference for the resetting technique as well, we have another article for you here Workshop: How to replace waste ink sponges of Canon S- & i-models. It describes how to change the sponges which contain the waste ink.

If you are now concerned about your printer, read this first: "Lifetime of a waste ink collector" on page 4. As long as the printer doesn´t refuse to work you don´t have to think about the waste ink collector.

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