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Comparative Test 9 ink All-in-Ones up to 200 Euros: That´s annoying

von Florian Heiseübersetzt von Ulrich Junker
Hinweis: Für mindestens einen erwähnten Drucker ist der ausführliche Testbericht "Multifunktion für wenig Geld" verfügbar.

Here we tell you, what cumbersome features we found while testing.


There´s a definite trend: All AIOs in this test have single ink cartridges and permanent print heads. On the one hand this is beneficial:

  • You only exchange a color when it´s ink tank is empty
  • The print heads remain in the printer/AIO for it´s life-cycle. You don´t have to throw them away with every empty ink cartridge.

Forget about switching the device on and start prining! Print head cleaning is necessary in certain time intervals, after switching the device on, or just when you want to start an urgent print job. What´s happening or for what time? You will not be told. Just wait.

At least you would expect a progress bar to calm your nerves. So you would know: Either wait for your print outs - or take a coffee break.


It stands out that most producers try to find out, what and how their customers are printing. The Data Protection Act requires informed consent. So you have the right to say "No" to that.

Paper indents

If you decide to buy one of Brother´s AIOs, you will find small dings on every printed page, caused by the paper feed. Canon, Epson, and HP deliver unaffected sheets.

Printer can´t identify ink cartridges

In particular Brother printers have a tendency not to recognize ink cartridges, even though they still contain ink. Our readers often complain about that in our forum (a very helpful place, by the way, but in German only).

Canon takes a break

Canon´s AIOs take inexplicable breaks with some documents, no matter, whether connected via Wlan or USB. Brother, Epson, HP, or Lexmark print the same documents without breaks (see video below).

Canon Pixma MG5150 and MG5250: Inexplicable breaks with some documents.

Items disappear in the AIOs inside

Canons AIOs have a flat top. This invites to put objects there. This can be dangerous, paper-clips may disappear in the printer´s inside when you lift the scanner cover.

Lexmark has protected it´s AIOs against misfortunes like that. All other AIOs in this test have no paper trays at the backside, where objects might disappear.

Reflecting display

Smooth glossy surfaces reflect light. Displays as well. No problem, if you can adjust the display´s position. The Lexmark Prospect Pro205 display can´t be adjusted, but due to it´s matt finish it is very well readable.

HPs Officjet 6500A has a reflecting display, which cannot be put into another position. Look at our video.

HP Officejet 6500A: With reflecting display.

Black glossy surfaces

Surfaces like that tend to attract fingerprints, dust, and fluff.

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