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Test color laser: HP Color Laserjet CP1215 and CP1515n: Quality and speed: Text print

von Ulrich Junker
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DC test letter

The lab uses two documents to test print speed and quality. One, called "Dr.-Grauert-Brief", is a normal text to test the copy mode. Here we find out, whether or not the manufacturer exaggerated when referring to print speed. This letter can be found in Testdokumente.

In a second test we print a ten-page text (Druckerchannel-Business-Brief). In addition to text it contains a company logo, a small table, and a pie-chart. This letter is printed in three modes: Normal mode (no change in the driver), fast mode (lowest resolution), and best quality (highest resolution).

The following pictures show the letter "a" in the three modes mentioned above.

Quality of print: Text

For a test of print quality (text) the lab usually uses different quality modes, which both printers do not offer. They always use the "Best quality" mode. The lab gives it an additional try with "Print in grayscale"

Using a microscope and a special-purpose camera DC photographs the letter "a", which is 11 point in size. The magnification is 30-fold.

Quality of text print

Text print is very good in both modes.

Click an image to open the picture gallery.

Speed of text print

At the beginning the printers take a break for about a minute every 80 sheets. The display of the CP1515n shows "Cleaning" or "Calibrating". With small print jobs this happens between print jobs. With big ones the frequency of interruptions increases.

Speed of text print
HP Color Laserjet CP1215HP Color Laserjet CP1515n
Speed B/W (Manufaccturer´s data)12,0 ppm12,0 ppm
Speed B/W
(DC test)
12,0 ppm12,0 ppm
Speed Color(Manufacturer´s data)8,0 ppm8,0 ppm
Speed Color
(DC test)
8,1 ppm8,1 ppm
Business.doc Grayscale only8,6 ppm8,6 ppm
Black only
8,6 ppm8,6 ppm
Business.doc Normal mode6,2 ppm6,5 ppm
First page out23,0 seconds24,0 seconds
© Druckerchannel (DC)

With small print jobs speed of text print is average in this price segment. Considering the breaks the printers take within bigger print jobs they fall down into the lower third.

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